Monday, June 14, 2021




Cafes did very nicely out of selling cups of froth to frazzled mums. Still, sprinkles. . . 

Another work colleague has become a new grandma (it's raining babies around here) so a quilt is called for. I've had the top finished and sitting in the cupboard waiting for the right occasion.

It used fabric leftover over from this quilt.

I've made a table mat, pincushions, little zippered bags and there is still fabric leftover. Hope I have enough for the binding, otherwise I'll use the backing fabric.

Decided to give the pool noodle basting another try but still not happy with the result.

If wishes were fishes, I would like to have quilted a flourishing scroll to echo the pattern on the backing fabric and on the blue/chocolate print fabric.

We shall make do with zig zags. I'm sure baby won't mind a bit.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Why, little baby will love your quilted zig zags and all those pretty fabrics. Such a sweet quilt.

  2. Lucky baby! Nice job, stitch on!

  3. Pretty quilt and lucky baby!

  4. Indeed that is a sweet quilt for a sweet little one. I tried that pool noodle basting one time, and didn't like it either. ---"Love"

  5. Babies do seem to come in bunches, don't they! When one is announced, I brace myself for two more. (Oh the horror, being forced to start a new quilt!) I like what I'm seeing for this baby quilt and I'm sure the quilting will be just fine. Don't forget a final, finished photo for us!

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