Sunday, June 27, 2021


Thank you for the lovely comments on my last blog post. They really boosted my confidence.

Well, the quilt is finished and while I really like the texture this quilting gives, I still would have liked a scroll pattern.

I used the bamboo and cotton (with polyester scrim) batting which is lovely and soft but does create a wee bit of fluff.

We’ve had no internet at home for the last week and a half - you realise how many things you need it for these days. I’m also learning to drive my new iPad and this post is being created on it. I can’t actually see what I’m typing until I minimise the  keypad on the screen so apologies if it’s jibberish*

Due to an outbreak of the bug we are in lockdown now for the next two weeks.  Not much fun for families as it’s school holiday time here. 

I’m keeping busy preparing the next quilt for quilting. I won’t be using the pool noodle method again. I think it only works if you are spray basting your quilt. 

Back to clamping on the table. I get a good result from this method. 

* apparently I just need to turn the screen around to portrait.  Doh!

Happy Stitching


  1. The baby quilt looks so soft and cuddly! And the quilt on the table is lovely! I baste my quilts in a similar manner and it works well. That was after trying several other methods.

  2. The baby quilt does have some wonderful texture from your quilt motif, so I'm calling it a win! We're enjoying more freedom than we've had in over a year, but I'm not convinced this is done and over with. I hope I'm wrong and hope even more your two weeks make enough difference that you'll all be safe and regain your freedom as quickly. No internet is a bummer, but I'm guessing you've got it back again now? In the meantime, I guess you'll have to just keep quilting! I look forward to seeing how this next quilt gets quilted. I'm sure it will look fabulous!

  3. Baby Blue is beautiful, Ann. Why, I love the quilting you have done. I have a theory that all things internet and ipads, computers and the like are all in a plot to make us go crazy. So covid raises it's ugly head again. I don't think it is going away anytime soon. Clamping your quilt onto the table looks as if it is the way to go. Take care.


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