Sunday, July 4, 2021



I’m calling this one Just Enough.  I believe that the block is called Solomon’s Temple and it came about after I searched for a block to use up all the leftover corners from making the Abundant Baskets quilt.

They were too good to discard. I had just enough to make these five blocks. Just enough of the green print for the blocks.  Just enough of the other green print for the alternate blocks and a border. I had just enough fabric for the backing and binding.

I made a mistake with the layout on one of the blocks and decided to give it centre stage. I’m just impressed (amazed) that I got the directional print running all the same way!

So far I have just done straight line and in the ditch quilting on this.  I will add some more quilting to the Solomon’s Temple  blocks once a design reveals itself.

It’s 62 inches square and I used the bamboo/cotton batting. FYI - it tends to crease a bit when folded. 

It’s good to have another quilt top finished.

Happy Stitching


  1. Hooray for a finish! And a fairly big one at that! I'm amazed the one block is the only one with an error. Not because I think so little of you, but because that is one fussy block requiring a lot of attention. I'm not sure I could have kept everything straight, though I'm not sure my messy brain is a good comparison anyways! The quilt is gorgeous. And you're over (down?!) there putting me to shame with so many recent finishes. I guess I'd better get busy? (Friendly competition is okay with me!)

  2. Just enough is Just Lovely! Great looking quilt.

  3. Wow! This is such a great quilt and so glad it was 'just enough' to make it.


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