Sunday, September 19, 2021


Sometimes, I think the quilting design looks better on the back side of the quilt than it does on the front.

There hasn’t been much sewing happening around here so this is meant to be a distraction.

Still haven’t worked out how I’m going to quilt the section which is the red borders around the stars. They aren’t same width because I wanted to square up the quilt. They are different shapes depending on what side of the stars they are against. Sure did make life difficult for myself. 

Inspiration must surely come soon.  


  1. Looking good. Maybe repeat what you have done in the black areas on the border and just adjust a smidge for the size? Good luck.

  2. nice color on the back and yes sometimes you can see the quilting on the back better

  3. The quilting looks fabulous! I'm sure you'll decide on something perfect for the borders, once they decide to start talking. But I do understand where you're coming from about making things difficult for oneself!

  4. Your quilting looks gorgeous so far, and I'm sure you will decide on something just as pretty for the remainder of the quilt. Have fun with it! ---"Love"

  5. Oh, the quilting design on the back looks fabulous!


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