Sunday, September 26, 2021


Ran out of thread. Ran out of ideas on how to finish this quilt. 

What’s a girl to do? ( apart from buy more thread and search the internet)

Pivot to mother project, of course. 

Yes, this is a project that was officially declared finished but I hadn’t quilted the main blocks. While looking for ideas for the red-white-blue quilt, I saw some designs  that I thought might work on this quilt.

I’m back to using a glove as I find it gives better grip on the quilting rulers.

Now, it’s really finished. 

At least some sewing happened around here. 


  1. that is a pretty quilt you are working on - I hope you can find your thread that you need.

  2. Nothing wrong with a pivot. It's all about framing it as a win, not a loss, right? And I like what you've added to the quilt. It's a gorgeous quilt!

  3. Pivots are a normal thing in the sewing room! Great finish and hope you are able to find the thread you need for the red-white-blue quilt.

  4. Both quilts are beautiful. I especially like your ruler work on the second one! I too hope you find the needed thread to finish the first one. ---"Love"

  5. Buying more thread and trawling the internet sounds like an excellent idea to me. =) I too use glove when quilting. The extra quilting makes this quilt even more fabulous!

  6. Ann, I tried to email you and your address bounced! I hope you are well-drop me a line when you can!


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