Sunday, January 29, 2023


Eight of the 16 blocks have now been quilted despite the fog of heat and humidity that has been our lot this weekend.

You know, I might just be getting the hang of that quilting ruler.

Since there wasn't enough purple fabric to cut all the backing blocks, the leftovers were cut into 5 inch squares and combined with a charm pack that I think was a gift from a blogging chum. My apologies if it was you and I've forgotten. Thank you. The charms are a terrific match for the project.

That lime green pops. Love it!



  1. Those lime green fabrics do look fabulous among the purple mix. Surprisingly, the fog of heat and humidity has visited Tassie this weekend, though come nighttime it has cooled right down.

  2. After eight, I would hope that you're at least getting the hang of the ruler, if not getting good at it. Hooray for halfway! And the purples look great with the greens, but this is how projects multiply out of control, isn't it? Uh oh?!


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