Sunday, January 15, 2023



The weekend has been hot. humid. Not my favourite if I'm honest.

This wee iron has been a real boon as even though it steams it's not as feisty as a normal iron but it reaches the same temperatures as one. I have the burn marks to prove it!

Note to self: best not to iron fingertips.

I've been adding sashing to the Scrappy Garden Path blocks. This will allow me to quilt all over the main area without making it difficult to join the blocks later.

Some technical difficulties though when the sewing machine started making an odd noise. Everntually, I figured out that it was the bobbin case, so a new one has been ordered.

In the meantime, guess I can start cutting the backing and batting squares.


  1. A hot and very humid Sydney summer day is never fun. Oh, how I remember Sydney's humidity. That is a cute little iron and yes, best not to iron one's fingers. =) Enjoy quilting your Scrappy Garden blocks. Love those purple fabrics.

  2. Your iron looks like it matches your project - does that help make up for scorched fingers? And those purples for the back are beautiful. I hope the humidity drops, but I'd rather just send you some of the cold we have an excess of here in the other hemisphere! (Don't worry, in 6 months we'll have the heat and humidity and it will be all I can do to avoid going outside!)

  3. What a cute little iron! Anything to make pressing more comfortable. I love those purple fabrics, makes me want to make something purple!

  4. That will be a beautiful quilt when you get it finished; in fact, it is already beautiful! Glad you weren't using a big iron! I'd bet you said the nicest things when that accident happened! (Yeah, right!) Hope there's no permanent damage.


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