Sunday, January 29, 2023


Eight of the 16 blocks have now been quilted despite the fog of heat and humidity that has been our lot this weekend.

You know, I might just be getting the hang of that quilting ruler.

Since there wasn't enough purple fabric to cut all the backing blocks, the leftovers were cut into 5 inch squares and combined with a charm pack that I think was a gift from a blogging chum. My apologies if it was you and I've forgotten. Thank you. The charms are a terrific match for the project.

That lime green pops. Love it!


Sunday, January 22, 2023


I decided to start quilting on the couple of blocks that I managed to put put together before the bobbin case threw a hissy fit on the machine I use for piecing and general sewing.

A new bobbin case has been ordered.

I have a different machine set up for quilting and purchased the  Westalee Coral Fern template  from Punch With Judy (no affiliation or advertising revenue).

I thought the leaf-like pattern suited the Garden Path block design.

It's a bit tricky at first. You  push the pin that is supplied with the template through your block and the template pivots around that point.

Kept stabbing myself on the pin and the template kept popping of it but got into a rhythm eventually.  Also had to make some adjustments to the tension.

You can see the design a little better from the back.

One done. 15 more to go!

Sunday, January 15, 2023



The weekend has been hot. humid. Not my favourite if I'm honest.

This wee iron has been a real boon as even though it steams it's not as feisty as a normal iron but it reaches the same temperatures as one. I have the burn marks to prove it!

Note to self: best not to iron fingertips.

I've been adding sashing to the Scrappy Garden Path blocks. This will allow me to quilt all over the main area without making it difficult to join the blocks later.

Some technical difficulties though when the sewing machine started making an odd noise. Everntually, I figured out that it was the bobbin case, so a new one has been ordered.

In the meantime, guess I can start cutting the backing and batting squares.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023



Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

I'm drawing a line under 2022 but I am grateful that we were spared the dreadful floods that struck our state at the beginning of last year. Those waters are now flooding parts of South Australia.

I am grateful that we have been spared the *bug*. . . so far. Family and friends haven't been so lucky but all have survived.

The news from the USA has left us aghast - vision of snow and ice storms, unimaginable tempertaures and now heavy rains and flooding. 

I hope you and your families are all safe and well.

After quite some time away from quilting, there have been moments where work has progressed. Although I haven't finished quilting the Federation Stars, I just needed to get a binding on it. I know - not ideal - but that's how I'm playing it for now.

Federation Stars

With that quilt off the sewing table, I can now start planning the finish for these blocks (this is just a sample).

These blocks will be quilted sperately and then stitched together. Not quite Quilt-As-You-Go but in the spirit of.  Makes things more managable. I'm finding it a bit of a struggle these days to push a big lump of quilt through the machine.

So that I can quilt the whole block with a design, I have an idea for sashing that will join the blocks after quilting and I can just stitch in the ditch.

It will make more sense once I've done a couple.

Happy Stitching

Sunday, July 10, 2022



I'd like to blame a squirrel but  . . . . 

Didn't mean to be away from the blog or quilting for quite this long but other activities distracted me. Now it's July. Good grief!

Thank you for your kind messages and please be reassured that I have not been affected by the floods that you may have seen on the internet/news.

Those poor folks have been hit with three floods this year and it's still raining.

Work has recommenced on this quilt.

So there was some funky math when I cut one of the borders on this quilt and I ended up with this mess.

Why I didn't fix it at the time - who knows, but it had to be unpicked and remeasured. That light blue border was 3 and a half inches longer that it should have been!

No design for the three borders yet but let's just stitich in the ditch for now and when inspiration strikes, I'll go back and quilt it with a design.

Now I have some catching up on your blogs to see what you've been up to.