Saturday, July 24, 2021



Borders. I had no idea how I was going to quilt them but after some extensive browsing on the interwebs these arch designs “spoke” to me.

Now I just need to figure out how to transition around the corners. Let’s hope inspiration comes soon.

Happy stitching

Saturday, July 17, 2021



My blog posts are pretty boring these days I’m afraid.  I’m working on my RSC2017 quilt at the moment.

I’m using my Westalee quilting rulers on this one pretty much as a practice piece.  Getting used to handling the quilt and the ruler. Trying to think of designs.

So far I’m really pleased with the results. My quilting is not perfect by any means but the rulers do make it possible to work on a large quilt and I am aiming for finish here - not a show quilt. 

In other good news, the wool/poly batting has arrived. Purchased from a young farming family in Victoria Hollyburton Organic Farm.

They also make wool doonas.  I’m fascinated to know what you call a doona. I think they call it a duvet in the UK.  

Lockdown has been extended for another two weeks although I am required to go into work, so far. At least I have plenty of quilting to keep me occupied on the weekends.

Happy stitching!

Sunday, July 4, 2021



I’m calling this one Just Enough.  I believe that the block is called Solomon’s Temple and it came about after I searched for a block to use up all the leftover corners from making the Abundant Baskets quilt.

They were too good to discard. I had just enough to make these five blocks. Just enough of the green print for the blocks.  Just enough of the other green print for the alternate blocks and a border. I had just enough fabric for the backing and binding.

I made a mistake with the layout on one of the blocks and decided to give it centre stage. I’m just impressed (amazed) that I got the directional print running all the same way!

So far I have just done straight line and in the ditch quilting on this.  I will add some more quilting to the Solomon’s Temple  blocks once a design reveals itself.

It’s 62 inches square and I used the bamboo/cotton batting. FYI - it tends to crease a bit when folded. 

It’s good to have another quilt top finished.

Happy Stitching