Sunday, March 19, 2017


These lovely fabrics were a generous gift from Leanne - lizziethequilter - after she read my posts about the cutting mistakes on the first Civil War blocks I'd made.

 If you read Leanne's current post, she writes about the generosity and friendship of the many quilters and crafters she's met through her blog over the years.

I count myself lucky to be one of those bloggin' friends.  Thank you Leanne for these beautiful fabrics and my quilt will be all the more special for having been made from yet more gifted fabrics.

So I used some of Leanne's fabric and the mistake blocks made last time to create one of the extra 12 inch blocks I'm going to need for this quilt. It's a nod to St Patrick's Day and that both sides of my family have Irish roots.

The next block to make from Kelli's *six-pack* was the Card Trick. I spent some time searching the interwebs looking for a clever trick to make this but alas, alack, no. Just use lots of starch and press carefully!


Sunday, March 12, 2017


Red is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017 colour for March. One of the bonuses of joining in on this challenge is seeing all the amazing blocks (and eventually quilts) others are making. So much inspiration. I'm looking forward to next month's colour reveal.

Meanwhile, work continues on the baby quilt. Once this top is finished, I will have to set up the other sewing machine to quilt this and the other baby quilt. Unfortunately, I don't have room for both machines to operate at the same time but I am looking at modifying the setup so that both machines can be in use.

This is the main sewing table which faces East and overlooks a small garden.

This is the side wall. I'd like to re work this corner with a wrap around (L-shaped) work space but not lose the shelving. Maybe an office work station would fit the bill.  This room is also due for a re-paint. These are old photos of the room, the Austrian blinds were removed a few years ago and replaced with a sun-block blind. Not as pretty, but more efficient at keeping out the heat.

Saturday, March 4, 2017


I made another Civil War block from the BOM Kelli gave me using the No-Waste method.

Image reproduced with the kind permission of Persimmon Quilts

Sadly,  it wasn't all smooth sailing as I managed to reverse the fabrics and made these instead. You know, I'm getting rather good at stuffing up these blocks. It's a talent. Despite my error, this is a good method that doesn't require any fancy rulers.

These won't go to waste as I want to make 12 blocks for a lap quilt for my Dad who has a keen interest in the history of the American Civil War. 

After that shamozzle and a cup of tea, work started on piecing the top for another baby quilt.