Sunday, June 21, 2015


It's cold. It's bleak. It's winter.

It's also the shortest day of the year for us.

Sitting with a quilt over my knees, needle and thread in hand and a hot cup of tea seems to be a good thing to do on a day like today.

This very special quilt is very close to being finished now.  As soon as we get some sunshine for a decent photo, I promise to show you.

Happy Stitching.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Injured my hand the other week. Minor but you quickly discover how much you rely on said hand when you don't have use of it.

Did give me the weekend off from house cleaning though.

So this weekend I had some catching up to do. Got the binding sewn onto my quilt and now it needs sewing down. Not such an unpleasant job when I get to sit in the sunroom on a winter's day. Except that quilts mysteriously develop five corners.

Also worked on some more of those Solomon's Temple blocks. That Simple Abundance layer cake is like the Magic Pudding - it just can't be used up! There are still usable pieces left over.

Happy Stitching!