Saturday, January 9, 2021



Nope, not this kind (although it does look delicious). This quilt top needed to be sandwiched because I'll be quilting it. 

Crackled - a quilt designed by Aneela Hooey

After watching some videos on U-toob, I thought the pool noodle method would work but this quilt is a lot larger than I recalled - 64 x 76 inches thereabouts so that wasn't going to work.

Then I found this method which I had tried before with foldback clips which didn't work as my sewing table top is too thick. So I went and bought some clamps from the hardware store.

So what's so special about this method you ask? Lots of folks do this Ann, big deal! Ah, but you see Amelie (that's the lady in the video) has a neat trick.

She tapes skewers to the table to align with the seams and fold on your backing and quilt top. Genius.

Behold, the magic!

Seriously, this actually worked a treat and so did the clamps.  I had tried clamps before but don't have the strength to squeeze them open. These clamps, however, are much easier to use. You squeeze them to close them.

Yes, yes alright  you say but show us the work in progress . . . 

Ta-da! This method means that I can baste quilts at home without having to crawl on the floor.

Hmmm, I'm going to go and make sandwich. 

Friday, January 1, 2021


The new year has ticked over here in Australia and it kind of feels a lot like the old one.

Rather than resolutions, I prefer themes. Last year it was scraps. This year it's Finishing. As you can see I have quite a few quilt tops needing attention. 

Whilst some progress has been made in setting up the sewing room, it still needs to be finished.

So this year, the blog is going to be a wee bit boring I'm afraid as I work my way through that pile on the second shelf. There is a baby quilt to make but it's a simple design so that it can be finished.

My wish is that the new year brings you relief from the trials and tribulations of 2020.  May your bobbins always be full.