Sunday, October 27, 2019


A new quilt has begun.

Yes, I went with the scrap quilt from my last post. I kept returning to it again and again. 

As usual, I'll be modifying the layout a wee bit. The Cat's Cradle blocks were made using the Creative Grid ruler. It makes two blocks with very little waste. I'm determined to use some of every fabric from my collection* of random fat quarters. 

I'll be substituting those tiny triangles. Too fiddly and my first effort to make one *by eye* looks like this.

Yes, well. Let's see. Probably should have measured it up first. Never mind, I think I'll use it for the label.

The Cat's Cradle ruler lets you make a number of different sized blocks - the smallest 1 3/4 inches finished!

Hope you found time to sew a little.

*Collection - don't you like the way we quilters call our stash that. Gives it some credibility and gravitas.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


I'm having trouble deciding what to do next.

Start a new quilt with fabric from the stash using this lovely layer cake or  . . .

Make the scrap quilt that caught my eye  and use the stash of random fat quarters I've collected or . . . 

Start quilting that pile of finished tops that are waiting for some attention or . . . 

Make a cup of tea while I think about it. It's important not to rush these decisions.

Monday, October 7, 2019



You might remember me from previous blog posts although it was some time ago.

Not much to show for the last four months, I'm afraid but yesterday the sewing bug bit and I went back to working on my pretty floral quilt.

Just two more sides to add and I'll have a finished top. Maybe. I still might add another border that can be trimmed to straighten up the quilt after quilting.

I also folded all the leftover pieces which constitutes tidying up - which qualifies as housework*. 

*that's my story and I'm sticking to it