Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Swap Blocks from Theri

Swap Blocks from Theri
and some fabulously luscious chocolate
Thank you so much Theri!

Did you miss me? I sure missed all of you. I feel like I have been away from this blog for an age and so much has been happening. You have all been so busy.

I haven't sewn for so long that I'm not sure I would recognise a needle and thread if I stood on one!

Some wonderful swap blocks came from Theri amidst all the chaos and they are wonderful. Have you seen Theri's design and layout for her swap blocks? Isn't she clever?

I did manage to spend a pleasurable few hours at a local quilt show the other weekend. The quilts were amazing. I liked so many of them and was honoured to have some of the quilt makers tell me about the inspiration for their work, the difficulties they encountered finding just the right fabric and the pleasure they had in completing their quilt.

I thought I would show you the pincushions I made for my swap partner. For some reason she hasn't posted pictures on Flickr. Strange, but perhaps her computer is misbehaving. Been there, done that.

This was a pattern in the issue of Quilts & More I received in the block swap. You can find the online version of the pattern here.

This one is from the book Quilts as Gifts. I really enjoyed making both.

Well, I have quite a bit of catching up to do so I'm off the read your blogs.

Message for Debra - Wagonwife
For some reason, Debra, I can't seem to post comments to your blog posts lately and as you are set to no-reply I can't email to let you know or thank you for the lovely comments you always leave on mine.

Just wanted you to know.

Happy Stitching...Ann

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pincushion Swap - Fabulous!

Isn't it gorgeous! It was made by owenjulesmommy (Christine) just for me.  But that's not all I received. Check this out.

Christine also made a gorgeous folded fabric needle book and a tatted ornament. I love tatting! She included the pattern for the pincushion so I can share the love. There are loads of other treats as well.

Thanks a bunch, Christine! You really have spoiled me!

As if that wasn't enough, more swap blocks and goodies have arrived. You'd think it was Christmas around here!

From Liriopia

Fantastic fabrics in the swap blocks - check out that safari print
A beautiful embroidered block with my State's flower - a waratah
A pretty silver frame, vintage buttons, an enormous piece of fabric and some delish choccies!
Thank you so much, Liri!

From StitchNiche

Beautiful blocks featuring some reproduction prints and a sweet card
Thank you so much Christine!

From Stash Heaven

Two gorgeous blocks - I love the fabrics used
Two magazines, a Hancocks catalogue (drool worthy), some choccies and a layer cake!
Thank you so much Mary and Theri

What a wonderful surprise it was to open all these parcels. I am so touched by all your generosity.

Happy Stitching...Ann

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mrs Beeton Would Not Be Amused

If I could only remember where I put her helpful tome. Sigh, it's got to be here somewhere.

I know, I know....time management and organisation are the keys to domestic success.

Guess I should quit while I'm ahead.....

This should cheer me up!

I have got to start sewing!