Monday, January 5, 2009

Project A Month Challenge

Abyquilt and TagalongTeddies have a fun, low pressure challenge. The idea is to finish one outstanding *soft fabric* project a month. Many of us have half-finished projects, things that need binding or kits bought but not started. This will be a terrific way to tackle them. You might like to start making things for Christmas.

Add the above image to your side bar and keep a list showing what you have finished each month. As an added incentive there is a monthly prize draw and a super dooper end-of-year prize draw. Send you details to Maybritt and Kris if you want to go in the draw. Visit their respective sites for the details and rules.


  1. Great idea and a great challenge!!! Not sure if I will take it on although I want to put my WISP's on my sidebar to remind me of them!!! Will mull it over some more though, but I do have my TAFE cooking course starting up in February so thinking I may not be able to accomplish the one a month...but maybe will try anyway...thank you Ann for this info...Happy WISPing...Dzintra

  2. Great idea but one I'm afraid to join - I always forget to actually do them!!

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with each month though. :o)

  3. Ann I love this. Loved all the great projects too. What a wonderful idea and soooo much fun.


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