Monday, June 29, 2009

Kathy where are you?

My Pay it Forward gifts are finished and packed for posting. Micki and Jennie, thank you for your details but Kathy - where are you?!

I've checked your blog - no activity there and you haven't answered my emails. Please get in touch or if you read this and know Kathy, please ask her to get in touch.

If I haven't heard from Kathy by 15 July, I will offer up her PIF as a giveaway.

Not since I played with Fuzzy Felt as a child have I had this much fun with wool felt. I'm working on a little something at the moment. Want a sneak peak?

Oh, and there's this...

There was even time to work on some quilt blocks.

Thanks to Vintage Sandy for details of a generous giveaway offered by QuiltQua - a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of Frosted Memories by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics.

Of course, if you don't enter then there's more chance for me to win.

(queue Vincent Price evil chuckling)

Happy Stitching


  1. Vincent Price very cute.
    Speaking of cute, the fuzzy felt is very cute. And your blocks are stunning. I love the blue and brown, great color choice.

  2. I can hear you chuckling over there Ann!!! Thanks for the tip...I'll go and check it out!!
    I have fallen in love with those blocks all over again...they are just so very beautiful!!!
    That wool felt looks so nice too...Have a lovely week, Dzintra♥x

  3. still loving the blocks....and the little wool piece super cute

  4. Ann.. speaking of PIFs...there yet????? All your projects are awesome as always!!!!You are so talented!!

  5. Ooo, love the felt! It's funny, I was only thinking of Fuzzy Felt the other day. I loved it so much as a child and I want Tamsyn to enjoy it too. My old sets are long gone (sadly) but I was thinking that I could possibly make some. We'll see!

  6. All your work is so incredible!

  7. Oh Ann I love anything that has to do with wool. That is a cute piece you are working on. Will it be a runner? Thanks for stopping by. My grandaughter is only 5 and I know that she will be so surprised tomorrow when she comes for ice cream. Today we celebrated Canada Day.


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