Sunday, December 31, 2017


2009 Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks
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Sydney is the first big city to celebrate the new year with not one, but two, rather spectacular fireworks displays on Sydney Harbour. The foreshores are already jam-packed with revellers with the first display at 9.00pm tonight.

However you celebrate the changing of the year, I wish you all peace and happiness for 2018.

Just read Love's post and besides her stunning collection of Christmas decorations and displays, she remarked on all the projects not completed this year. You're in good company Love as I am in much the same boat. Guess you and I need to paddle a little faster in 2018!

After Christmas, I enjoyed some quiet days and was inspired to reconnect with a project started in 2012, on which I have worked sporadically. Once again, I thank Gail from Gail's Place whose recent post rekindled interest in my English Paper Piecing project.

One of the downsides to not having a pattern to follow is that there is no picture of the finished project to aim for; no image to keep you on track. For a long time this project sat in limbo but the addition of half a dozen blocks and it's starting to look like something.

Okay, perhaps not so much in this photo but trust me, it's starting to look like a proper quilt.

Happy New Year!


  1. I think your projects looks wonderful! Slow and steady wins the race. I see no problem with just quilting when you feel like it, as long as you enjoy it when you do :)

  2. I meant to wish you a happy New Year too!

  3. Your EPP project is gorgeous! Happy New Year!!

  4. Paddle as fast as you like - it's not a competition! If you force yourself to get it done, you may end up with a quilt you don't like. Your quilt is looking beautiful and I do look forward to seeing the whole thing, but I can wait! Happy new year!

  5. I've always loved this quilt! The colors are so pretty together. Glad to have reminded you of EPP!

  6. Your EPP is definitely looking like a proper quilt! It is going to be gorgeous, and you know I love the colors! Do we (I?) dare to commit to one finish a month, even if a small one, in 2018? Could we be more successful maybe than the last time we tried that? .....Thanks for mentioning my blog to your readers!

    I love that stunning fireworks picture at the top of your post! Some fireworks shows for tonight have been cancelled in Fort Worth and Dallas because of the high wind (and the freezing cold weather and drizzle). I plan on watching New York and wherever else on TV --- if I'm still awake. I'll be in bed for sure by then! Anyway, Happy New Year! ---"Love"

  7. Your quilt is beautiful. It is nice to have a project waiting patiently for us to regain interest in it. Hope you have a wonderful new year.

  8. LOVE your EPP quilt, Ann! They are always fun to pick up and work on at your own pace. Did you go to the city and view the fireworks?? I watched them down here on the tele. May you have a great new year paddling down the quilty stream.


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