Monday, March 12, 2018


. . . aaaaaanndd we're back.

Sorry about that. I got sick and then busy and then sick again and then it was suddenly March.

I know I said I was working exclusively on the EPP project but those darn squirrels at Katiemaytoo's and Canuck Quilter's found their way Down Under and set up camp at my place.

I'm working on the Aussie Heroes quilt because there's a deadline and I'm rubbish at deadlines.

So, just some random quilting because pushing this much quilt through the ludicrously small throat space on my Janome QC6260 is stress-inducing. This model is supposedly a Quilter's Special. Yeah right.

To be fair it was a gift and I was most grateful. It sews like a dream. You just can't quilt anything larger than a mug rug on it.

Just the binding and the label to finish next weekend.


  1. I have a Janome as well as the Bernina, I use the Janome to piece and the Bernina to quilt-maybe I have the best of both worlds. I have seen some machines with monster throat space but neither of mine have that!

  2. Your quilt must really be big; That's a big roll of binding! Of course, my Janome 8900 is still in the shop, but I think it has an 11" throat space, which is really lots better than my little Viking Lily's less than 7". I just really need to put all that space to more use, and soon! Hope you are feeling better now and will stay that way. ---"Love"

  3. Gotta love squirrels! :) Pushing quilts through a small throat space is never fun, though when you look at the finished quilt it feels (maybe) as thought it was worth it. Always nice to see your posts, even if there's a gap between them! I have been very silent on my blog all month too.

  4. So glad you are back! This quilt is lovely. I don't envy you re quilting on a machine with a little throat; sounds like many a stressful moment. Keep on keeping on.....I want to see this lovely quilt done (as no doubt, so do you). 'Happy' quilting. =)

  5. Glad you're back and feeling quilty, even if it's squirrelly quilty! (You can keep the squirrel, by the way!) March snuck up on me, too, no sickness involved... I'm interested to see the finished quilt, difficult as it was to get quilted.

  6. I love those fabrics in whatever you are working on. The time seems to have flown this year. I haven't blogged much - been busy sewing!!

  7. I too have spent more time sewing than blogging. Getting pictures taken is mostly what slows my blogging. Once I start sewing, I forget everything else and want to finish my project. That is a pretty shade of blue in your quilt and the other fabrics at so interesting. I'll be looking forward to the finished quilt. Sorry to hear you were sick, hope all is better now!


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