Sunday, January 13, 2019


. . . and lots of them.

Have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of summer?

To distract me from this I'm still working on the EPP quilt. This is the other side of the quilt and it will need trimming before I add the first border.

In other news, I've found my next scrap quilt.

My blogging friend Kelli H gave me a Cat's Cradle ruler a couple of years ago and I can use it to make some of the blocks needed for this quilt. Mine will be a square version.

Other UFOs  to finish first though.


  1. 'Tis good that hot, stinking summer days are not stopping from stitching. Your EPP quilt is looking good and your new scrap quilt is going to be a beauty. Gosh, there is a lot of tiny triangles there.

  2. That is quite warm, hopefully you have some nice breezes at least? We are heading into the coldest part of our year here, but the temps haven't been too terrible yet. Usually we're well below freezing, even for highs, this time of year, but we're seeing days with highs just above freezing still fairly regularly! Either way, it's cold and a good excuse to stay indoors and quilt...much like you are likely doing with the air conditioning! The quilt is coming along nicely and I do like the next scrap project!

  3. Yikes, that's hot! It is a good time to stay in and sew. Love the EPP top, it is just beautiful! I love the new scrap project, too. That is just my style. Get those UFO's finished so you can start a new project! Have fun and try to stay cool!

  4. Did ever tell you I don't like winter? Well, it certainly is not my favorite! I do love your current project, and I also really like all those little triangles for your next one! I'll be watching! Have fun! ---"Love"

  5. I hate summer too. I hate winter when it's just cold with no snow. I basically only like a week or two in the spring and fall :)


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