Sunday, January 6, 2019


Sides make the meal. I quite like a good salad and French fries. Sides make a rag tag bunch of blocks start to look like a quilt.

At long last this project is showing some real progress. I borrowed this idea from crazymomquilts as most other versions involved cutting the blocks. After five years stitching these together there was no way I was cutting into them.  Needs a good press and a bit of a trim.

Meanwhile, on the other side. . . . 

Yikes - what a mess!


  1. Oh boy! I'd like to have those onion rings! I love the colors in your blocks, and that's going to be a beautiful quilt. I'm glad you tried that method for the borders; it looks really good! ---"Love"

  2. Oh, I love a great mess!! Loving all those fabulous stars. What a great idea for the border. Sides are always an excellent idea. =)

  3. I like those those borders, too. Dont you hate it when you make whole blocks and the designer says "whack off half"? Such a waste! Those papers will come out faster than you think, though when I removed the papers from my Arcadia Avenue, I had feline assistance...somewhat unwanted, but none the less, she was there! The quilt is gorgeous!

  4. I love this one, the colors and the design. It will be so pretty!

  5. Your sides are so much nicer than cutting into the pieced blocks. This is going to be a stunning quilt!


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