Saturday, August 7, 2021



My dear blogging friend and amazing quilter, Love, shared her favourite recipe for raisin oatmeal cookies (we call them biscuits) and they are delicious! Thank you Love. 💕

Ruth, from Country Log Cabin, another special blogging friend and fabulous quilter asked how I created the quilt design on the sashings of my RSC2017  quilt.

Here’s a closeup. The design was made by overlapping the Spinning Wheel No 6 (sorry, photographed the wrong one) ruler from Westalee. Took a couple of goes to work it out.

These are the three rulers I used on the quilt. All the arch work in the borders were done with the 12in arc ruler and the design was inspired by long arm quilter Natalia Bonner.  She has lots of interesting videos on YouTube and is very generous to share her ideas.

In exciting news (well, exciting for me), the binding fabric arrived from Berrima Patchwork in the New South Wales Southern Highlands. How delightful is their packaging?!

Berrima is an historic town about 130km (83 miles) from Sydney and before the pandemic I would visit the Southern Highlands regularly. Morning tea and a good browse in Berrima Patchwork was a must and I’m looking forward to visiting again.

Now I can add the binding to my quilt before I set up the machine in preparation for my next project.

Happy Stitching,


  1. your quilting design looks great and so do those cookies

  2. I think I like this lockdown thing - you're posting frequently and I'm now needing that recipe for the cookies! (I have one, but always willing to try another - and my coworkers are always willing Guinea pigs!)

  3. Hope your cookies taste as good as they look! I'm so glad 4 or 5 of our old APQ Blogging Buddies are still posting about their quilts. I always enjoy seeing what everyone is quilting on. I need to get back to quilting more, and posting a blog too, but my picture on my computer doesn't want any more pictures online. I'm trying to get that figured out, but I really haven't taken many pictures in a good while; no one wants to look at a sewing machine instead of a quilt in progress. I think I'll get that changed soon; hope so anyway. Always good to hear from you, Country Log Cabin Quilter, Katie, and the few others from our old gang. ---"Love"

  4. That cookie recipe might be similar to one of my favorites. I have never used the quilting rulers. Maybe I'll check out Natalia's you tube channel.

  5. Those biscuits look yummy! Those rulers are intriguing for quilting. You are getting great results.

  6. You have been making great use of your quilting rulers. Well done! And please stop tempting me with the cookies...


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