Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fat Quarter Swap received

I received my Spring Fat Quarter swap goodies from Shelly over at Shell's Specialty of the Day and they are amazing.

Shelly has made a fabulous purse and it has my initials embroidered on it! It was filled with bright zingy fat quarters, sweets, Spring themed earrings and some amazing Mardi Gras beads. I'm going to need some instructions about how to wear those correctly. The sentiments in her card were quite touching.

Thank you so much Shelly for this wonderful collection of pressies. I had the best fun swapping with you.

Happy Stitching


  1. What a boon!

    The fabrics look great - well done!

  2. What a cute purse! I love the black, white and red!

  3. WHING! - I don't know what it means, but it is my word verification, and it sounds like a fun sounding word! I'm going to use it instead of WOW! AMAZING!

    The bag is very cute, and the fabrics are bright and cheery.


  4. You are so lucky to have received the fabrics. They are beautiful!

  5. I am SOOO happy that you like what I sent. I'm always so leary of sending people my handmade work (especially if they've never seen it before). I'm always afraid it wont' be something they like. But I loved the fabrics in it and hoped that you would too. Shelly

  6. What an absolutely stunning purse Ann...and lovely bright colours to work with, especially as Winter approaches...Dzintra♥

  7. Wow...what a really nice swap package you received!!
    Well you may not want to wear the beads as some do at the big party...topless.. haaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Sorry my humor got the best of me...;-)

  8. awesome! you really got a great swap partner


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