Saturday, April 25, 2009


25 April is a day of commemoration for Australians. Around the country and overseas we pause to reflect on the service and sacrifice of our defence personnel in the many conflicts in which our country has participated.

There are many stories of note and I recommend to you this one - The Other Anzacs by Peter Rees. It is a moving account of the extraordinary young nurses from Australia and New Zealand who followed our troops to the Great War.

They were renowned for their courage and compassion under appalling conditions experiencing first hand the horrors of Gallipoli and the Western Front.

Lest We Forget


  1. What an inspirational book it would be, but I don't think I could manage it at the moment - I'd probably be crying through most of it.

    Thank you for letting us know about it.

  2. you know, i have to be totally honest and say that i don't know much about this day for yall.

    i should really brush up on real reading, instead of the not so real reading.


  3. So true. We need to be ever so grateful to those who fought and the ones who paid the ultimate price for the free way we live our lives.
    I unite with you to say thank you to your countries brave men and women.

  4. I'll add this book to my must read list. The list just keeps getting longer, so I shall never run out of things to read! Or Stitch for that matter. Thanks to our "Mates" who served and serve their country.
    Blessed Be

  5. Amazing Women I am sure. I am glad their story was written. So much of the sacrifices made throughout the world would be forgotten without these types of books.
    A Salute to your country.

  6. That must be an incredible book and so inspirational. We should always remember the soldiers who have served their country.

  7. Ann...I so admire Nurses and love Nurse stories, I have so much respect for them. My Sister is one and I was going to be one...
    I was so totally into the John Flynn books and the Outback Nurses.

    And on another note...I had a baby on Anzac Day at an Anzac Memorial Hospital!!!

    Thank you for your comment on the just conjures up so much.

    Have a great week and hope you can get lots of stitching in...Dzintra

  8. thanks for your sweet comment ann.

    and of course i'll never forget you!!!
    me and you go way back to my apq blog.

  9. Hi Ann thanks for stopping by. I never thought I would find such a cute horse, have fun finding yours.

  10. It amazes me to know how many people don't know a thing about the Anzacs!

  11. I have to admit Jenny that I don't know as much about the Australian experience in the Great War as I should. It was a blip in my history classes at school. I think it's important to delve beyond the myth that surrounds the ANZAC legend and search out the stories and histories of those who experienced it first hand. It can be quite confronting at times but well worth it.



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