Friday, May 1, 2009

Eastwood Patchwork Quilters

This weekend I will be visiting their exhibition which is being held in a splendid heritage house called Brush Farm built in 1820. It's on the top of a hill, of course, and has spectacular views across the district and down to Parramatta River. If you would like to learn more about the history of Brush Farm click on the image above.

I must say I am pleased that is has been restored because for many years it was derelict and almost collapsed.

The Eastwood Quilters are renowned for the quality of their work and I can't wait to see their raffle quilt - let's hope I buy the winning ticket!

It's not usual for our quilt exhibitions to allow photographs (more's the pity).

And here's a picture of my finished Bunny Hill BOM for April.

Oh, that's right. I haven't finished it yet. This weekend - I promise.

Happy Stitching


  1. haven't finished it yet.
    you are funny.

  2. Wow, now I must add this to the list of things I really want to see in Australia. It's funny I always think of Australia as being much "younger" than the US but maybe not. My city was incorporated in 1827 so Ryde is older! Hummmmm.

  3. lol I thought something was wrong with my computer then :)
    Have a good weekend xx

  4. What a lovely house. Have fun on your visit. Take lots of pics for us to see.

  5. *giggle* yeah, you got me! I thought the photo hadn't downloaded properly!!

    Isn't it great to see these lovely big old house restored to there former glory. I've been to Elizabeth Bay House which is really stunning, and another I'd love to see is Vaucluse (sp?). *sigh* One day I'll get back to Sydney.

    Enjoy the quilts!

  6. It is a lovely building! It reminds me of an old southern mansion.
    Have fun with the visit!

  7. haha...well, did you finish, waiting to see now Ann!!! I hope you win the quilt too, fingers crossed for you...Dzintra♥
    PS I thought too that something wasn't right when I couldn't see the photo!!!

  8. You trickster you... had me going there for a minute. Hope you had a great weekend. Will wait to see the next pic of you BOM...LOL

  9. The building is beautiful. I love the iron work.
    You also had me fooled. Can't wait to see it.
    Take care,

  10. Hope you had a Nice Day at the Exhibition..Nice to meet a fellow Sydneysider in blogland...I am organizing a meet up on the friday of the Quilt show next month...see my blog for details soon...would love to have you join us...


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