Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pretty Things

This pretty teacup is from The Twiggery which was featured in the April issue of Victoria Magazine which has only just arrived at my newsagents here in Sydney. The article led to to their site where I found the snowman teacup.

Also featured was this delightful pastry stand.

Sigh. Life should be filled with beautiful things.


  1. I have a thing for cake stands and have many glass ones, but that is really pretty :)

  2. The snowman teacup is adorable. I have never seen anything like it.

  3. Oh, Ann! They are both darling! I could covet the cake stand!

  4. Gosh, I haven't looked at a Victoria mag in years! It's always had such pretty things, I like the cake stand especially

  5. I love the little snowman teacup.
    That looks like spinach quiche on the cake stand. You are making me hungry.

  6. The snowman teacup is wonderful! I will have to start collecting my instance, it will be coffee mugs.

  7. Ann isn't that cup and saucer just gorgeous...I have never seen anything like that!!!That quiche on the cakestand looks pretty good too!!!
    Thank you for visiting My Dolce Vita...perhaps that passionfruit tart is okay for you?
    Have a lovely week...Dzintra♥x

  8. I love them both Ann. I love birds so the stand would be so much fun.
    I am big fan of Victoria magazine too. Have some of the originals from way back. I could never throw them away.
    Enjoy your treasures.

  9. Wow Ann what a beautiful cake stand. I've never seen anything like it before. Thanks for those kind words, I love my porch, I hope our next home will have one. I Know I will miss it.We have a lot of great memories here. But it is time to find our retirement home before we find that we are too old to take care of what we have.

  10. I have always liked dainty tea cups, perhaps it is having tea with my grandma that inspired.

    I haven't seen a snowman tea cup before, and it is very quaint, as well as the cake stand.


  11. that pastry stand is so sweet - what a great find


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