Sunday, May 17, 2009

Journey to the Line

I have loved bagpipe music since I was a wee bairn. The track from the new album by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Journey to the Line is amazing. I love it. If you haven't already seen this fantastic video on youtube then you can find it here. I'll be buying the album this week.

The Guards are an amalgamated regiment containing the famous Scots Greys who terrified Napoleon's French Cavalry at the Battle of Waterloo. They used a technique whereby the big grey horses of the Scot Guards carried infantrymen, the Gordon Highlanders holding onto the horses stirrups, behind the French lines. There is a famous painting depicting the event with a good deal of artistic licence. Notice the cowardly Frenchman shooting the brave Scot in the back. Blackguard!

Of course, we will, for the moment, forget that the French were once the closest ally of Scotland.

Gordons and Greys to the Front
by Stanley Berkeley

And yes, I get goosebumps when the Lone Piper plays his lament at the end of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. A lot of good Scottish blood has been spilled for - and against - the British.



  1. I have heard it and it is lovely! You would probabely love the music here in Ireland.

  2. Ann the video was powerful.
    I will purchasing the CD as well.

    My son is a bagpiper.(since age 12) I did a 4th of July post last year. He played them the afternoon outside his dorm with another piper before leaving college as a good- bye.
    We visited and stayed just below the castle in Edinburgh. It was a great deal of fun for him. (and for us.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ann,

    The video is breathless. The music feels like tears. If you could put a sound to an emotion.

    Thank you for sharing this. I have not been moved to buy an album like this, but I am now. An amazing piece.


  4. You're right, bagpipe music is very stirring. I remember back to my childhood, being lulled to sleep by the local bagpipers practising at the nearby band hall - I've loved them ever since.

  5. oh bagpipes...
    me ♥s them!!!


  6. We had a bagpiper up on Black Charley's Hill when we were growing up...he used to practice every evening and it was wonderful to listen to...
    My Son and Partner took her Grandmother to Scotland...home of her ancestry...and he saw the Tattoo over there as well...just fabulous!!!
    And I loved the story of your stage when you were *Frida*...BTW, what is BFF?

  7. Hi Ann,
    I love the pipes also.
    I would love to see that video.
    My favorite is Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. Goosebump time.


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