Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I just had to share with you these delightful bunny egg cosies designed by Julie Williams at Little Cotton Rabbits.

You can buy the pattern from her online store. She also has a pattern for the cutest little knitted cupcakes.

Some folks are just too clever for words!

Happy Stitching


  1. Ooooo.... this is the second blog I've seen the pattern on - maybe it's trying to tell me something! Such a cutie of a pattern!!!

  2. Hi Ann The egg cosy is so cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We never know in April whether its going to snow or not. Boy you have the heat we have the cold burrrrrr.

  3. oh wow super cute, my mum is going to teach me to knit, I can sort off just not cast on or off lol. So I'm to try these for next year :)
    Yes my boys are a handful but those super cute smiles make it all worth it :)

  4. This is sooo cute Ann!!!
    Wishing you a lovely Easter Ann...with perhaps some time for some stitching ♥x

  5. Happy Easter Ann I hope the E B delivered you some lovely eggs...

  6. This egg cozy is so sweet, sure wish I could knit. I hope you are having a wonderful Easter.

  7. Are you going to make the bunny? I think it would be hard to knit tiny things like the ears. Of course, I haven't knitted for years. Hee Hee!

  8. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.
    I love the BUNNY! now I wish I could knit. He is adorable.


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