Saturday, January 26, 2013


When you start cutting into a layer cake you are committed. There's no going back, no changing your mind.
You can't really afford to make mistakes.
Well, okay you could go and buy some yardage or even another layer cake - go with the drama of the moment here.
You'd think after Crackle Quilt I'd be used to challenging blocks but these have been hard work. Finished block is 12.5 inches.
Despite my best and careful efforts, some of the seams are bulky and slipping in the machine.
I might have to change over to the walking foot. This is the first block. Hopefully a good pressing and peer group pressure from the other blocks will do the trick.


  1. MMMM, I like the look of this block. Lots of points to match up though so "Slow and Steady wins the race" is the road I would take.

  2. Practice makes perfect? It's a gorgeous block and I'm sure it's siblings will be too.

  3. Your block looks perfect to me.

  4. It's a really pretty block, but wow there's a lot of really little pieces in it! Is this the one for your sister? Have fun stitching!

  5. So, Stitching a storm? me? look at you!
    Great block! To have my blocks to Blockbase Sew along, with perfect matching points I´m using paper piece technique, but you don´t need that.... Your is perfect!

  6. Beautiful! Also I think that brown bird fabric is the same as in one of my CW blocks, isn't it? You did a great job with all those points! ---"Love"

  7. Oh this block is swoon worthy. The colors, the piecing, it is just WOW.
    (It is a bit scary cutting into those layer cakes.)
    Happy stitching

  8. Very pretty! Love your fabric choices!


  9. Ann, I just happened to visit your blog. If you are using the Janome machine, have you tried the Janome Clear View 1/4 inch foot. It is clear and has red lines with detachable guides. It works much better on tricky or bulky seams. It seams to be a little longer and is more stable. Nora


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