Saturday, January 12, 2013


there were never more devoted

(take it away Rosemary and Vera!)
but my little sister lives a long. . . long . . . long way away and I miss her terribly.
the second quilt I ever made was for her
didn't really understand the importance of pattern and contrast back then
time to make her a new quilt
this is the pattern

purchased from Bella's Patchwork
I'll be using the layer cake from this range
Three Sisters fabric seemed like the right choice


  1. May I be your sister toooOOOOOO..... :o)

    Shes so lucky, I love that pattern!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see it as it progress!

  3. Your sister will love it. I hope you'll be sharing progress as you go.

  4. She may live far away from you, but both of you will feel much closer when she receives that quilt! It's going to be beautiful! ---"Love"

  5. Okay, one more thing! You've had me humming that tune, "Sisters", ever since I first read your post this morning! Wonder why they quit making movies like that? I wish they would again! Of course, all the good singers and dancers are gone now! ---"Love"

  6. Such a perfect fabric choice for your plan, the pattern is beautiful. have fun.

  7. Love it! And I know your sister will too!


  8. I love that song!!! And the fabric you picked and your sister will too. She will always be close to you when she wraps up in that fabric hug.

  9. Oh Ann, the fabric is wonderful and the pattern. Finally catching up on blogs. I love the crackled quilt too. Wow have you been busy. I will be checking in to see this one materialize!

  10. The Three Sisters fabric is perfect for your very special Sister Ann! It's going to be beautiful and very well loved I'm sure!


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