Monday, January 21, 2013


After two weeks of unrelenting heat, humidity and fractured sleep, we were a bunch of zombies at my place.

(wonder if there is a collective noun for zombies?)

I wasn't confident enough to tackle anything tricky so instead I dug out my paper piecing WIP and did some sewing on that.

(thanks Gail for inspiring me to pick this up again)

Of course, for all our discomfort, we have not been under threat of bush fires or losing our home.

The remarkable men and women who fight tirelessly to protect life and limb are largely volunteers - the Rural Fire Services.

They aren't paid to risk their lives and yet they turn out every summer and do just that.

Thank you.


  1. Pretty! (And please, oh please, send some of that overwhelming warmth our way!) I'm glad to hear you're safe and hope the heat and humidity let up soon.

  2. temperatures are plunging here tonight, though up until now the winter has been fairly mild.

  3. Oh I like, like, like those! Thanks Gail for inspiring Ann to pick them up again! I like the eye candy :)

  4. I LOVE those stars! I too am glad you are safe, and to all those firemen in your area, and everywhere in the world, all of us truly appreciate what you do to save lives and property! ---"Love"

  5. I think these blocks look fab and slightly familiar! I can truly sympathize over the heat-I have plenty of experience with that nasty stuff-Heat! Last summer our west burned, firefighters and smoke jumpers are real heros!

  6. A 'bloodlust' of zombies? ;)

    Hot or cold, paper piecing is always satisfying. Although I could do with a cool change too!

  7. I hope it cools off for you soon. I could try to send you some really cold air. Your English Paper pieced stars are so pretty. I saw Sue Daly at Quilt Market and fell in love with her patterns and quilts. I am slowly working on her 6 mini quilts.
    I have my DD hooked on hexies. She is making a quilt.
    Thanks to all the fire and rescue men and women whorisk so much.
    Stay safe.


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