Saturday, January 5, 2013


so here it is . . . just a little cropped to hide the means of display
happy to have this top finished as it has been a challenging quilt so far but I do like it a lot
may even quilt this baby myself - we'll see
now . . . ideas for temporary design walls
need something that can be taken down when not needed
can you help?


  1. Love this top! I really couldn't picture the finished product but this is grand! Design walls-Karen has had several portable design wall ideas on her Sew Many Ways blog, check them out. I use a piece of foam insulation board covered in an old flannel sheet-placed in from of the closet I took the doors away from it hides the shelving and is mostly out of the way but I can't put it away!

  2. I really love your quilt top.
    For your design wall just pin a large piece of cotton batting to the wall when you need to.

  3. Well done! That does look challenging. I'm glad you pushed through to finish.

    For a design wall, I pin up a piece of batting using thumbtacks. Of course that depends on having a stretch of wall you don't mind having pinpricks in when the design wall is down, so perhaps this isn't much help...

  4. Oh, I love it!!! totally love the colors!

  5. Your quilt top looks wonderful!! I don't currently have a design wall. But I have been looking at making one with foam insulation covered with batting. Hopefully I will have one soon!!

  6. That's a very pretty quilt top!
    For a design wall, I stick five nails into the space where the double patio door facing hits the wall (didn't have to punch holes that show when I pull the nails out!). Then I hang a 72" (I think) wide piece of thick poly fleecy batting on those nails, and the blocks will stay on it very well, unless I turn on the ceiling fans. In that case, I just pin the blocks on. Then I can take it all down, fold up the batting and shove it in the top of the closet, pull the nails out, and no one would ever know! ---"Love"

  7. Well Anne its a bit of a problem if you dont have a wall. What about an old projector stand screen that you could cover with batting and then fold it away when you are done. Yes the blocks and quilt top stick to the batting. I know you can buy a "holland blind" style design wall, so that when finished you just roll it up.

  8. Thanks for all your ideas - I think I will use a hybrid of what you have suggested.

  9. Very pretty! Love the color combination!

  10. Hi Ann...about a design wall...I went to a workshop last year and she talked about plywood (I think that was the timber) was 8' x 4', cut down the middle, put hinges on. Then you can use this for a design wall and then fold it up and put it under the bed etc. This is just from memory...I did take notes if you need further info. I haven't done this yet so would be interested how you go if you go ahead with it. You could also use it on a table for pinning a quilt.

  11. Wow Ann, your quilt is beautiful, so much work but it looks amazing.

  12. That quilt is so cool. Even with the great photo, it is hard to figure out how it was put together. Looks like too many tricky triangles for my skill level.
    A flannel backed table cloth works great. You can use those removable command strips with the hooks on them to hang it up. Also when you need to take it down you can roll it up with your blocks on it and unroll it next time you have time to sew.


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