Sunday, January 11, 2015


I had hoped to be further along with this project. Oh well, I'll get there in the end. We have had some rain at last which will settle the dust and give the thirsty plants a drink.

I know, it looks like he's having a spa treatment!

Lots of animals were injured in the recent bush fires. When you are a koala that lives in a highly flammable eucalyptus tree and the ground around your home is ablaze then chances are that your little paws will be injured.

There were calls to make mittens for these little guys but that has since been deemed unnecessary by AMWRRO. You can read a news article about that here.

Many of the areas so badly damaged by fires last week are now experiencing heavy rains and flooding. Australia is definitely a land of contrasts.


  1. I love HSTs - so pretty! Poor little guy! I hope he'll be OK.

  2. Love the little quilt! It must be miserable trying to work on any size quilt when it's so hot and humid! Poor koala, burns really hurt and he must be so afraid and confused-but he looks to be getting good care so it will be alright in the end and he can go back to living in the trees!

  3. After what that little guy has been through, he deserves a spa treatment! The little quilt is sweet and you'll get it done in due time.

  4. Great use of hst's! Poor baby - hope his paws heal.

  5. I'm just glad you are safe so far! That is a pitiful picture of the koala; I hope he heals soon with no permanent damage. Your half squares are encouraging and calling to me to drag out some fabrics and get started on something; maybe tomorrow? ---"Love"

  6. Oh poor little koala. I hope all the animals who suffered heal quickly. (Of course same goes for people affected).
    Cute HSTs you have basted.

  7. Lovely quilt you have going there;) I love koala's...hope everybody heals soon:)
    Happy Quilting!!


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