Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 a forest of rosemary

Pam over at sidewalk shoes hosts a Garden Tuesday on her blog. Now and again I join in. Pam has a wonderful garden full of character and interesting ornaments. And a frozen birdbath.

I, on the other hand, have what may euphemistically be called a garden which has been all but fried by two weeks of relentless heat and no rain. Tomorrow and Friday temperatures will be around 38-40 degC (over 100F).

Of course, nothing could be worse than those whose homes have been devastated by  dreadful bush fires in South Australia and Victoria. I live in New South Wales about 15 miles from the coast.

Remarkably, the men and women who fight these fires are largely volunteers. Many have lost their own homes defending those of others. Fire-fighters from other states volunteer to assist local crews.

Adelaide Hills fire ... NSW Rural Fire Service Strike team lends a hand to CFS putting out hot spots near Cudlee Creek. Pictured is NSW Rural Fire Service volunteer Darren Carter putting out tree stumps. Picture: Dylan Coker. Source: News Corp Australia

We are enormously grateful for all that they do.


  1. It is so hard to remember that while we are at 10 below with wind chill, you are having all that heat. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just share and all have moderate weather? Stay safe.

  2. Indeed we all should be grateful for those brave firemen, as well as the ones all around the world. Your blog and those fire clips reminded me to e-mail some of those dedicated firemen I worked with before I retired, and to tell them to stay safe and WARM here the rest of this week. Today it was in the low 50s, but by tomorrow night, it is expected to be down to 18, and cold for the rest of the week! Fighting fire or working accidents just cannot be fun when one is freezing cold! I hope everyone will remember to thank your firemen often! A batch of cookies would help morale for sure!

  3. I love your rosemary! I can never get mine to grow that well, sigh. During "Fire season" everyone needs to be vigilante, fighting forest/bush fires is hard, dangerous work. Always grateful to those who do the work!

  4. The heat sure does take its toll on our lovely gardens.

  5. Wild fires are so frightening! One of DH's cousins's homes was burned to the ground in a California wild fire. Thankfully, we've never lived in an area that has them. Now that we've moved, we're also away from extreme heat in the summer and in an area that receives a lot of rain, so it is much greener here.

  6. I love the picture of the rosemary, it does look like a forest. It is hard to believe you are having such hot weather when we are cold up here. Stay cool and safe. Yes, we cannot thank our public servants enough. Along with all the police officers in the family and friends, now my daughter is married to a firefighter/paramedic and we have lots of family in the military and as veterans. A big thank you to all who serve so selflessly!

  7. I love the rosemary, you must be on the ground at rosemary level!! Stay safe around the fires.


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