Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Big Tree House Cafe

Caught up with an old quilting friend (that doesn't sound right - she's not old we just haven't seen each other for quite a while) and had lunch at a terrific little cafe which just happens to be a few streets away from a fabric shop.

Lunch was delicious by the way. Great coffee and ricotta cheesecake too.

No sooner did we arrive at the fabric shop (shop? well actually a garage behind a house but they have great fabric) than my resolve crumbled.

Who can resist temptation when there are $1.50 fat quarters? Not me, that's who!

I just had to have the last two pieces of that lime, grey and orange print and of course the fat quarter lime green bundle became a necessity.

The other three boy-print fabrics also have some lime green in them. See I can justify the purchase.

There was also a big bundle of old quilt magazines on the counter from one of their regular customers. They were free and you could have as many as you wanted. Now I need more quilt magazines like a hole in the head but . . . well. . . but. . .

It's not my fault. I was just innocently thumbing through the pages while my fabrics were being packed packed when I saw this

and this

I have no will power.


  1. One can never have too much fabric....well that's my motto. Lovely fabric that you had to have! Free books too.....things are looking up in your li'l corner of the world!

  2. Love the robots! That quilting magazine is necessary! I especially love the idea of using a dresden plate as a medallion-very clever!

  3. I love looking at magazines too - it's good to look and dream of what we would love to make. Of course, most of them never get made, but you never know! Inspiration may strike, which apparently it has.

  4. I would have probably turned to mush! I really like that split nine patch; had never seen that before anywhere. Have fun! ---"Love"

  5. LOL..... well.....I would do the same as you - love those quilts, and who can resist lime green fabrics ? Not me either....

  6. Good For You! Sounds like you had a delightful lunch and what fun with the fat quarters! Love the robots :) And who can resist a free quilt magazine???

  7. I really can hardly resist fat quarters at any price. And lime way could I leave those behind. Whenever I find quilt magazines for resale I usually get a pile. Last time there were free ones I ended up with a whole box of them. I did share with my friends. You found some lovely quilts in the free magazine.

  8. I caved in a much bigger fashion last week. You are a model of restraint by comparison! Those lime fabrics definitely needed a good home and those quilt magazines, would be ungrateful yo leave them behind :)

  9. Love your fabric choices. Great deal with the magazines... I love to look through all mine to get inspiration.

  10. I have eaten and shopped at both places and can understand the lack of restraint you must have
    Love the split 9 patch block.


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