Saturday, January 3, 2015


I don't know what it's like at your place over the holiday season but we seem to end up with a stack of leftovers no matter how much or little I shop or cook.

The same thing happens with quilts. I always end up with leftovers so I thought it was high time I started using them up.

This doesn't include those *leftovers* from 2013 but then katiemaytooquilts, beth@mycreations and canukcquilter are making enough projects to balance out the quilt universe so I think I'm okay for this year.

For 2015, any new project has to be made from leftovers and small enough to finish in a month. No new quilts this year!

I can't remember where these blocks came from but the fabrics are in a couple of quilts that I have made including the Friendship Swap Quilt which is heading off to the long arm quilter soon.

I'm making a large cushion - one of those European sized ones - 65x65cm or about 25inches square.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Happy quilting in 2015 Ann! I hadn't seen the quilt above the swap quilt. Lovely!

  2. Glad to see you back and to hear that you are planning to blog weekly. Love the idea of a large cushion-it will be nice for napping or floor sitting. Well, it would be it you didn't mind it getting dirty! Have fun stitching away.

  3. Can you believe I remembered those swap blocks, and I didn't even participate? I had to giggle when I thought that it has taken you almost as long to get it finished as it took me to finish my Underground Railroad (3 years!) So what? You will love it when it's finished! The star quilt is beautiful too1 Good luck on sticking with your 2015 plan. I haven't made mine yet; still packing up Christmas! ---"Love"

  4. I still have my swap blocks, although not sewn yet! I'm hoping everyone can make quilts for me too as I can't see me doing any sewing again this year. I just don't have the time, but i am crocheting when I have a spare hour sit down in front of the TV:) Happy 2015 Ann xx

  5. I like your idea of small projects that can be finished in a month!

  6. Great idea, small projects and using those left overs. Your quilts look lovely.
    I sure hope I can sew enough to live up to that prediction. :)

  7. Found you from Joanne (Canuckquilter). Love your quilts....what is the name of the third picture down - pinned for quilting? Beautiful pattern.

  8. Good for you setting small, reasonable goals. Maybe THAT should be my resolution for this year (you know, instead of deciding to make four quilts right off the bat?)... I, too, have many many scraps and am trying to be good about shopping my stash and creating controlled scrappy quilts before heading off to the store. (But that's so much fun to pet all the fabrics!) I hope you get time to blog this year so we can see all your fantastic creations. Beth, Joanne and I need all the help we can get!

  9. Sounds like a great idea and I think you can make some wonderful little quilts with the leftovers of other quilts. I have seen some wonderful quilts on other blogs that have been done that way, just wonderfully scrappy! I look forward to seeing what you make!


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