Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Sewing Room

AmandaJean over at crazymomquilts has invited us to share our sewing space. Here's mine.

When I'm working at my sewing machine I look out over the garden.

Storage for threads and and display for knick knacks.

Fabric storage, books and sewing notions. A comfortable chair for hand sewing and a spot for a cup of tea. I have a Horn cutting table (seen here in the closed position).

These nifty containers came from Ikea some years ago.

I'm quite fortunate to have such a lovely light-filled space in which to play.

Happy Stitching


  1. That looks lovely Ann, I so wished I had a sewing room. Karen xx

  2. Lovely sewing room.

    I just moved my machine from the basement to an upstairs room. I placed it right in front of a window. That made all the difference, it is a pleasure to sew again!

  3. Hi Ann, How nice to see your working place! Love the eara with your nice chair - it looks so cozy!

  4. Wow, beautiful! Looks so neat and clean and orginized! I would love to sew in there... ;)

  5. I love it! Boy, am I jealous, I sew in a tiny dungeon!

  6. What a lovely, bright, NEAT sewing studio. You are so organized and tidy - and to get to look out over your garden - heavenly! I'm afraid there will be no pictures of my disaster zone for a little while - furniture is being stored in the same area, and until its gone, I don't have room to organize properly. Not stopping me from sewing and adding to the mess though!

  7. What a lovely spot. Geez I wish we had an Ikea in Tasmania!!

  8. What a lovely bright spot Ann for your Sewing Room...I like that chair there for a cuppa too...Those lovely white shelves look so organized...a great room to call your own!!! And thank you for the tip on honey and lemon...I had forgotten all about it...Have a great week...Dzintra♥x

  9. Wow now that is a great play area !

  10. I finally got my links back. I accidentally blew them all away.
    Love your sewing room. It is sooo organized. I hope mine looks as nice when it grows up.
    Ann so great to see where you work.
    It is fun to picture you working there.

  11. I'm green with envy! Your spot is just beautiful! So bright and cheerful!

  12. And when I think I do all my sewing in the den... But then, for me it's just a hobby. Great room Ann.

  13. wonder you produce such beautiful work look at where you create it!!! Lovely Ann!!!
    So many pretty ideas here!
    I am blessed to have all I have but as yet the room is not where I want or need it to be!!!
    Going to just have to bite the bullet one day and begin the clean out process again along with the painting of this horrid paneling.
    Just hate that my whole small house will be in upheaval... ha!!
    Course I do have some young sweeties that will help me so think I may just ask this for my BD gift!

  14. you have such a beautiful space to work in! thanks for sharing it. :)

  15. Ann just love your workspace - I need you to organise mine now.


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